The HR Consultant's straightforward, calm approach to even the most daunting challenges make them both a valuable resource and a joy to work with! As an HR leader, I seek outside resources who bring true expertise and provide specific guidance. Terri and her team do all that and much more. I give them my highest recommendation.

Christopher J. Knipp
Senior VP, Chief HR Officer
AccentCare, Inc.

Let Us Help You
The HRConsultant has a proven track record of successfully serving small, mid-size, and large organizations throughout the United States across a broad array of industries and in a variety of consulting areas. including:

Affirmative Action Plans/OFCCP Audit Prep
Third Party Investigations
Expert Witness Testimony
Diversity Strategy and Planning
EEOC Charge Response
Employee Relations Assistance
Consulting Partnerships

Affirmative Action Plans/OFCCP Audit Prep
The HR Consultant prepares hundreds of Affirmative Action Plans every year for a wide variety of local and national companies. We successfully assist our clients through planning, customized management briefings, training, and OFCCP audits each year. We provide strategic planning for streamlining of the Affirmative Action planning process; as well as developing methods of assistance in bridging the gap between compliance and diversity initiatives. We also prepare a custom management briefing, provide necessary training to your organization, as well a support you through OFCCP audits.

Our highly-personalized approach ensures that you work with senior-level consultants to prepare your reports, educate executives and employees and implement your affirmative action plan. And, we provide frequent updates on matters concerning the OFCCP throughout the year.

When we prepare your Affirmative Action Plans, we also provide OFCCP audit assistance at no extra charge, to help guide you through the process. You will be satisfied with the quality of work and the on-time delivery of your product, or we will make it right. The only people we have on our staff are those that are committed to an on-time, quality product.

If you've received and OFCCP audit notice and need help - call us! We can help.

Third Party Investigations
During an internal investigation human resource professionals can be “caught in the middle” while trying to do their job. The complaint might be at a high-level or tangled with on-going litigation or your HR organization may not have staff with experience in investigations or possess investigative skill sets.

Using an independent, third-party fact-finder demonstrates a proactive approach to ensure that a system of checks and balances are in place, increasing the credibility of the investigation and helping to avoid accusations of impartiality.

The HR Consultant has performed many high-level, sensitive fact-findings, often working with outside counsel or in-house counsel to keep the process objective, confidential and to preserve attorney-client privilege where possible. And with the unique asset of having team members with federal investigative experience, we understand that the investigation process should be taken care of situations quickly, efficiently and completely.

Expert Witness Testimony
The HR Consultant is experienced in working with attorneys for the plaintiff and the defendant. Our expert witnesses can present well-informed opinions and effective expert reports that hold up under cross examination, as well as prepare effective expert reports. With first-hand experience in Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), affirmative action, employee relations, human resource planning, training and development from the corporate side as well as the side of a government auditor, our expert witnesses can demonstrate an understanding from both sides of the table.

The result is a witness that is credible, empathetic, and able to provide information in a manner that is understood and believed by judges, jurors and attorneys.

Whether you need a written opinion, a deposition, or courtroom testimony at a local, state or federal level, The HR Consultant will provide unparalleled services.

Diversity Strategy and Planning
Maintaining an inclusive environment, one that respects and builds on the assets and talents of everyone to create diversity of thought is a priority for our clients.

Through our diversity strategy and planning services, we focus on creating solutions that support career development, workforce planning, communication, and leadership accountability for all employee levels.

EEOC Charge Response
The HR Consultant can help you investigate, gather information and answer a complaint thoroughly. Our bench strength includes consultants with prior experience as Federal Investigators with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

Receiving notification that a charge of discrimination has been filed against your business can be stressful – especially if you haven’t been there before. We have.

With our experience, The HR Consultant can help you manage an internal investigation, gather information and answer the complaint thoroughly.

Employee Relations Assistance
From time to time, situations arise where the internal HR staff just doesn't quite know what to do. Or your business is big enough for employee issues but too small to have a HR professional on staff.

The HR Consultant can assist employers on an as needed with project work or hourly 911 assistance!

The HR Consultant can train your leaders and employees to reduce complaints and litigation.

Here is a sample of our training programs that can be customized for use in your organization;
• Creating Respectful Work Environments – for Managers and Supervisors
• Creating Respectful Work Environments – for Employees
• Sexual Harassment/Harassment Prevention
• Equal Employment Opportunity Basics for supervisors
• Affirmative Action Fundamentals
• From Compliance to Diversity (moving your organization from compliance to inclusion)
• Conducting Workplace Investigations
• Dealing with Government Auditors

We also provide one on one training for employees involved in issues where a change in behavior is required.

Consulting Partnerships
The HR Consultant partners with many well recognized national and international consulting firms.

If you are a principle in a consulting firm, law firm or other organization with affirmative action planning, investigative, training or other employee relations and compliance needs for your clients, we'd love to work with you.

We will partner with you behind the scenes or directly with your client in a fee sharing arrangement.

Please contact us for details.

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