CompuCom has been working with The HR Consultant for the past 18 years simply because we have never come across another partner that works with us the way they do, cares about our business the way they do, and helps us achieve positive results the way they do. Their Knowledgable staff provides us timely, practical, professional advice with a personal touch and most important, they keep us out of trouble. They are the one partner that I never hesitate to recommend to my peers.

Steve Buchanan
VP Human Resources
CompuCom Systems, Inc.
Meet Our Team...

Terri Swain
Fort Worth, Texas

Terri brings a well-rounded perspective to her role as a human resource consultant, with experience as a human resources generalist as well as an equal employment opportunity/affirmative action specialist. She has consulted for both large and small companies, as well as performed local, national and international assignments in a wide variety of industries.Terri founded and has lead The HR Consultant since 1998. She began her career in HR as an EEOC investigator, followed by a career in Human Resource Management with a Fortune 200 Company. Her company's strength comes from understanding compliance issues from all sides of the table: as government investigator, business leader and consultant. In her spare time, you can find her walking, hiking, biking, reading and cooking.


Dove Robinson
Denver, Colorado

Dove worked for two national affirmative action planning software companies prior to joining the HR Consultant. Dove’s education and experience in Business Computer Systems makes her a data guru. Dove’s strengths are analyzing client data for accuracy and developing compliant solutions that work for the client’s business. Dove has worked with many Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries with their compliance needs. In her free time, you can find her in the garden, out walking her Akitas or in the CrossFit gym.


Jenn Montgomery
Fort Worth, Texas

Jenn comes from a Fortune 50 company where she specialized in Human Resource Analytics & Technology and Process Improvement implementations.  She focused her career around Human Capital Management and Strategic reporting to help put effective business plans in place. Prior to that, she was a Sr. Affirmative Action Specialist for a national company that specialized in the development and marketing of Affirmative Action Software and plans.
Jenn enjoys writing, travel and food journaling, photography, gaming, comic books, Japanese anime & manga, and general computing nerdiness.


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